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tv   Weekend Early Start  CNN  September 29, 2012 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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failure of foreign policy message and leadership. such a misstatement of the facts as known at the time and for her to go on all those showers and be misinforming the american people and our allies and countries around the world, to me, somebody has to pay the price first. we have so much things to go wrong and everyveryone forgets t it the next day. an american ambassador who was killed where by all the accumulation of evidence at the time the prezusumption had to b it was terrorism. it is definitivety terrorism, to say it was not terrorism at that time was a, to me, terrible mistake to make, whether it was intentionally or unintentionally and show the significance of that, i believe she should resign, yes. >> the white house is standing by ambassador rice. she said everything she said in that interview was cleared by
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interagency groups and certainly nothing was designed to mislead the american people. to the 2012 election now and there are only 38 days left until election day. early voting has already started in a few states and even more kicking up next week. also next week, the first presidential debate. that's on wednesday, but the candidates are already warming up for that. >> we certainly can't go very far with the leader who writes off the nation as a bunch of victims. you know, when i travel this country, i don't need victims, i meet students who are trying to work their way through college. case in point. i meet single moms like my mom who were putting in overtime to raise their kids right. i meet senior citizens who worked all their lives and have been saving for retirement. i meet veterans who serve this country bravely.
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i meet soldiers who are defending our freedom every single day. >> mitt romney has his own message. his message, we can win. he's delivering it at a state that could be the key stone to either side's victory. jim acosta is on the campaign trail with the romney team. >> deb and victor, even though mitt romney has made much of his campaign about fixing the economy, he has been stepping up his attacks on the president of national security and specifically who is a better friend of israel and there are signs the obama campaign is paying attention. at a military academy in pennsylvania, mitt romney tried to make the case for a new commander in chief. romney, once again, questioned the president's recent description of events in the middle east as bumps in the road. >> i sure as heck don't consider iran becoming a nuclear bump in the road. weeed someone who recognizes the seriousness of what is ahead and is willing to leave. >> reporter: romney's tough talk on iran follows benjamin
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netanyahu dramatic performance at the united nations drawing attention to his nuclear worries. >> a red line should be drawn right here. >> reporter: just days after the president declined to meet with netanyahu in new york, the two leaders spoke over the phone, but then hours later, romney, who enjoys a much friendlier relationship with netanyahu got his own call chatting with the israeli leader while sitting on a tarmac in philadelphia. it was a reminder of the power of the jewish/american vote where vice president joe biden defended his relationship with israel. >> i just want to say, i just want to say one thing. i just want to tell you how proud i am, how proud i am to stand shoulder to shoulder with a guy who has done more for israel's physical security than any president of the eight i've served in. >> reporter: switching gears
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senior citizens and romney's plan to lower taxes will force the nation's elderly to pick up the tab. >> their plan on social security, the one they have now, would raise taxes on your social security. >> reporter: romney, who has accused the president of misleading the president on subject of taxes repeated his pledge on the issue. less than one week with his debate with the president, romney is trying to expand the election map, boldly predicting twice during his vis to pennsylvania that he could win here. >> you know what, i have a little secret here. that is the obama campaign thinks that pennsylvania is in their pocket. they don't need to worry about it. and you're right and they're wrong. we're going to win pennsylvania and we're going to take the white house. >> reporter: it could be a questionable move. not only ground does he have to make up in swing states like ohio and florida, the poll of polls show romney trailing the president by ten points. republicans have tried, but failed to win pennsylvania in
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recent presidential elections. just ask john mccain, who made his own last-ditch effort. >> just one day left until we take america in a new direction. we need to win in pennsylvania and tomorrow, with your help, we will win! >> it's unclear what kind of resources romney would put into pennsylvania when asked whether the campaign would buy any add ads here, that's for the obama campaign to know and the romney campaign to worry about. now to a a nn romney a pretty constant presence on the campaign trail and now opening up about a big concern. while campaigning in nevada she sat down to talk about the campaign and her concerns if her husband should win. >> i think my biggest concern, obviously, would be just for his mental well being. i have all the confidence in the world in his ability, in his decisiveness and his leadership skills, in his understanding of the economy, and in his
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understanding of what's missing right now in the economy. you know, the pieces that are missing to get this jump started. so, for me, i think it would just be the emotional part of it. >> much more on the presidential race later in the show, including a look ahead at the upcoming presidential debate. and a consultant for congressman todd aciken is comparing him to the 1993 waco, texas, incident. he refused to drop out of the missouri senate race despite calls from top republicans to do so. he came under fire saying that women can biologically prevent pregnancy after a rape. told the washington watch weekly that aiken was successful in his holdout. >> the first day or two were,it was like the waco with david koresh situation where they're trying to smoke him out with the s.w.a.t teams and the helicopters and the bad nancy sinatra records.
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then here comes day two and you realize the guy's not coming out of the bunker. and we've got much more ahead this hour. >> here's what's coming up. the battle over voter i.d. is heating up across the nation. tens of thousands of votes at stake. i'll break down the numbers. abortion, gun policy, the war on drugs. they're just some of the social issues shaping the presidential race. all morning, we're putting them in focus. >> i can see in his face that there was a lot more to her story than even what she was willing to let on. women hold up half the sky. that's the message of a new documentary from "new york times" columnist nick kristof. he sits down with the celebrities from the film. every picture tells a story.
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of course, some stories are bigger than others. okay guys, here we go. everybody say, 'cheeeeeeeee-eeeeeese'.
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this monching focusing on the important social issues and the candidates' competing plans to do something about them. this hour, our casey wian looks at illegal immigration through the eyes of the sheriff on one side and a student on the other. >> reporter: she was 9 when she first crossed the border with her mother and sister. >> i still remember crossing the desert. to sleep in the desert because it was getting too late and we had been walking for hours and my mom would hold, you know, my sister in one arm and me on the other arm and, you know, just pray that nothing would happen. >> reporter: but their human smuggler was pulled over for speeding and they were deported.
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their second crossing succeeded. entering school as a fourth grader, hernandez was teased because she spoke no english. now arizona county sheriff has spent much of his military and law enforcement career battling human smugglers. last year engaged in 350 high-speed pursuits involving drug and human smugglers. they look at a these people, th these humans as product. they don't care about their safety. they leave them for dead. they get in a wreck and walk away. >> reporter: arizona law is cracking dn on illegal immigration. >> the impact has been so tremendous, not only billions of dollars and impact to our budget, but the crimes that are associated. many crimes committed against the illegals themselves. >> reporter: the sheriff and the student one trying to enforce the law and the other trying to stay a step of it. angelica hernandez this week begins work on her master's
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degree at stanford. >> reporter: she graduated from arizona state, despite losing a scholarship twice because of arizona laws restricting documents for illegal immigrants. >> it's something that gives you so many different quantities and strengthens you because you learn to overcome so many things. >> reporter: now, she is filling out paperwork to apply for president obama's program to give money to undocumented immigrants. >> it's an election year and we don't know if he did it because of that or he's trying to get the latino vote. but in the end, we knew it was a win for us. >> reporter: an unenforceable federal mandate and another lure bringing hundreds of thousands of people through his county illegal illegally. >> president obama wants to talk about what we do with these 10
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to 20 million people? bere we have that discussion, let's secure the border. we, as a country, have not enforced the law. because of that we're at the situation we're at today. >> reporter: hernandez is ineligible for a driver's license in arizona. on this day, she's going to have her photo taken for her deford action application, essentially breaking the law to become legal. she worries mitt romney would end the deferred action program leaving her ineligible for the job she wants in alternative energy when she finishes grad school. president obama will legalize more undocumented immigrants and keep his deputies busy chasing smugglers. so, just how different do you think the two candidates are when it comes to gun laws and gun control? well, i'll tell you exactly where they stand, next. florida officials under fire after going back on a pledge to ease up on purging voter rolles. this is new movie scene, a
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so far this one is failing to live up to its name. the chunk of the 405 was closed last night as work crews prepared. the city warned of massive gridlocks and drivers listened and they stayed away. the highway is closed through monday morning and reopens before rush hour. a saks fifth avenue was the target of a smash and grab last week and the fbi released this video. the suspects run in an hour before closing time and they push over the case and smash it with a sledge hammer and one customer somewhere in the store is hiding in a locked closet. they called 911. there is now a $5,000 reward for information about the suspects. florida election officials are under fire. they are accused of reneging on an agreement to ease up on the purge of noncitizens from state voter roles. just the this week, florida's
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department of state released a list of 198 potentially ineligible voters. five protection groups are suing florida's secretary of state seeking an injunction against the purge program. for more than a year, cnn has been investigating the impact of tough new voter laws on the 2012 election and ask you can see joe johns documentary, voters in america, who counts, sunday october 14th at 8:00 p.m. with just 38 days to election, battles over voter i.d.s are intensifying in many states. a battle that could mean tens of thousands of you may not have your votes counted in pennsylvania. there the state is trying to prove its new voter i.d. law will not disenfranchise voters and south carolina is appealing a justice department decision stricter voter i.d. requirements. here's what's at stake. as the pennsylvania supreme court prepared to hear arguments on the state's new voter i.d.
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law recently, the naacp protests what it calls a thinly veiled attempt to suppress the minority vote. >> we have seen more states pass more laws pushing more voters out of the ballot box than we have seen in the past 100 years. >> reporter: it is a scene that's played out in states across the country. civil rights groups pushing back against voter i.d. laws enact aed by republican-controlled legislatures since 2010. >> the effort to actually change the rules of the game at the last minute is a really misguided effort. >> reporter: wendy wiser is with the brandon center for justice and warns hundreds of thousands of voters may not have necessary i.d. they include the elderly, college students, poor people, blacks and latinos. groups that traditionally vote democratic. >> we need to do everything we can to ensure that there's no fraud in our elections. but what we shouldn't be doing is passing unnecessary laws that
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needlessly include eligible americans from participating equally in our democracy. >> reporter: the new voter i.d. laws only protect against voter impersonation. in pennsylvania, a traditional swing states lawyers for both sides include no cases of fraud. still says john fund an expert on the subject. >> if someone walks in and votes the name of a dead person and don't need to show i.d. how likely is that dead person to complain? we'll never know. >> reporter: of the eight states to enact strict voter i.d., either the justice department or state and federal courts have blocked it in three states. texas, wisconsin and south carolina, which is currently appealing. pennsylvania is pending. alabama and mississippi need the green light from the justice department. of the eight , only tennessee ad kansas will have to meet the new strict standards this november. >> we want to make it easy to
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vote or hard to cheat? we can do both. >> reporter: with both sides fighting against any voter being disenfranchised in november, neither is willing to give up a single vote. make sure to stay with cnn throughout the week for updates on this story. pennsylvania is expected to announce its decision on voter i.d. laws by tuesday. the onions gallup poll says white rural americans prefer iran's president over president obama. we'll tell you who took credit for the phony story. but, first, let's go to chicago. a man came up with the idea to open up a gym after he lost his job. as you see, it has a lot more to offer than just dumbbells and treadmills. chicago yoga instructor bret holten had no idea to be a small business owner until he lost his job. >> this gym actually closed down and those of us that worked here pretty quickly got together and said, is there anything we can do to sort of keep going and do
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our own thing. we had sort of pieced together some equipment and some classes and were up and running within about two months. >> they reopened as i.d. gym and kept the previous staff. >> we started with zero member, which i would never do, again. we had to move really quickly. when the former space closed, there were about 600 members and before they went anywhere else, we grabbed like 80 or 100 people. i think if i had known up front how hard it would be, i'm not 100% sure i would have signed on. once we hit the one-year mark everybody looked around and said, i think this is going to work. >> to make his gym stand out, he developed unique classes like doing yoga suspended in the air and working out like a cave man with sledge hammers and ropes. brett now has plans to open a second location and off aer fly yoga classes across the country. >> i think our success from there has been that we're not afraid of trying something
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bottom of is the hour now, welcome back, everyone. i'm deborah feyerick in for randi kaye. >> i'm victor blackwell. five stories we're watching this morning. number one, the u.s. has warned iran to stop providing arms to syrian president al assad. hillary clinton asked syria's neighboring countries to refuse using the air space to transport those weapons. the u.s. announced a $15 million in nonlethal support for syrian opposition forces. staying in iran, the country's news agency was fooled by the folks at the onion. took credit for a story claims a gallup poll found that rural white americans prefers ahmadinejad over president obama. they removed the story once they realized the onion was not a legitimate news organization.


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